Your Weekly Lesson

Functional Pelvic Floor, Week 6

This week, continues working on the foundational core and pelvic floor connection exercises and neutral alignment stretches as we begin to address the importance of a healthy pelvic floor in relation to intimacy.  We will discuss in detail how painful intercourse can dramatically impact the clients life and give some strategies to address this important topic. In addition, we will begin working on the strength and flexibility required in the pelvic floor for squatting and squat like postures. At this stage in your rehab journey, clients will be developing more muscle memory and automatic activation of the core and pelvic floor during daily activities. As a result, we begin to transition out of the rehab phase and more into what we call the lifestyle phase of the rehab process.  At this stage, core strength and neutral pelvis should be familiar, and you should feel connected to your pelvic floor while in the active sitting and standing postures. We recognize that functional strength is still developing, but the foundation is being solidified with every connection made. Even though we are adding some new components this week, we want clients less focussed on the number of sets and reps of  each foundational core and pelvic floor exercise and neutral pelvis/rib cage stretch and more focused on everyday alignment, integration, and posture. For this reason, this week will be the last week that we include weekly charts in the downloads.

    Squatting and Intimacy Strategies

    For the past five weeks, you have been systematically rebuilding your core and transforming your overall posture and alignment and now connecting to your pelvic floor in sitting and standing. This week we will continue on all of what you have built but also integrate squatting and tackle the complex issues related to intimacy. We will give you some specific strategies to deal personally with internal pelvic pain and disconnect that can sometimes be a part of pelvic floor dysfunction.

    The personal component of dealing with intimacy issues can bring up a lot of painful memories and grief.  We address how the body stores and holds grief in a free series of videos that we have included as optional videos for you to view.  Check out the grief routine that we filmed with our colleagues at Fit2B in addition to the videos we include in this week.

    Keep in mind reconnecting the internal muscles of your pelvic floor and addressing the disconnect or imbalance in those muscles is a process, but the tools we offer in this week are very effective.  Start slowly and be loving and gentle with your body as you move forward.

    This week, we address important information about sex and pain and disconnect related to intimacy and intercourse.  We realize that this information may not be relevant for every Floor of Your Core client, however, we encourage you to watch the videos anyway.  Intimacy is an important part of our adult relationships and disconnect seems to be widespread among clients with pelvic floor dysfunction. The tools presented in this section may be more important than you think.

    What To Expect This Week:

    • Unexpected emotions related to the intimacy information.
    • More-automatic posture and alignment.
    • Ability to feel the core throughout the day, awareness of times that it is active, and recognition of positions/activities where it is difficult to engage.
    • Core fatigue and soreness from increased integration. Remember to use posture checks and stretches to relieve soreness. Do not ignore pain.
    • More connection to pelvic floor alignment and activation during functional activities.
    • Fewer pelvic floor weakness symptoms.
    • Weaning from the splint with increased awareness of when to use it and when to use your transverse.
    • Ability to walk with active core and increased automatic activation of the core in daily posture and alignment.
    • New awareness to your pelvic floor as you begin the gentle massage techniques.