Your Weekly Lesson

Functional Pelvic Floor, Week 5

We are already on Week 5! This is the time when it is easiest for clients to become discouraged. The immediate improvement of strength during the first three weeks slows down, but do not let them be fooled… they are still dramatically improving functional strength and muscle memory. Everything success at this stage is moving in the right direction. There is much more awareness and strength, and all the damaging strategies they were unwittingly doing to sabotage progress is changing. Remember, the goal is all day functional pelvic floor strength. These steps are setting the body up for long-term success. Take one day at a time, building one piece at a time; it will be worth it.

    Pelvic Floor Integrations/Prolapse Strategies

    This week will continue building on the connection and initial strength with the pelvic floor in standing alignments and in active walking. Keep in mind, the body was designed for multi-directional movements and is most effective in upright balanced postures. Retraining the body to connect to the internal muscle groups that hold the pelvis and the pelvic organs stable is challenging at first, but essential to building the strength needed for real life.  We will also discuss prolapse and strategies to address these symptoms including more information about the optimal function of the intestinal tract. We continue weaning from the splint, begin some torso and ribcage stretches as we continue to progress optimal alignment and functional strength in more and more daily activities.  There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle, so do you best to enter this week with an open mind to see how all of this is connected.

    Don’t Be Discouraged

    It is very important at this stage to persist and stay strong. Remember the clients goals. Even though the videos seem simple, there is actually a lot of new information and rehab focus in this week.  It can be mentally exhausting as this level of connection is likely new.  Don’t miss the big picture. If your client misses a set or a day, encourage them to have grace with themselves and just start fresh the next day.  Pick some priorities if needed to and remember consistency over time is where real lasting change comes from.