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Functional Pelvic Floor, Week 4

    Pelvic Floor Connection/Incontinence Strategies

    Now that we have created some foundational strength and connection to the transverse abdominis and  pelvic alignment, we are finally at the point to start to isolate and connect to the specific internal muscles of the floor of the core.  Since the function of the pelvic floor is directly linked to your core strength and your body alignment, we often see a significant improvement in pelvic floor symptoms before we even isolate the pelvic floor muscles.  For this reason, we want to be sure you do the reassessment prior to moving into this week.

    Try not to allow your clients to get overwhelmed. This work is emotional and requires a new level of awareness than they may have had before.  They are all in the trenches of life, some with little ones, others with jobs, and all with responsibilities pulling us in every direction. Encourage them to take one day at a time, and do what they can as frequently as they can. Know that every change they make is an investment in their overall health; it will pay off.  Awareness and consistency (even in the little things) will move them in the healing direction.

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