Your Weekly Lesson

Functional Pelvic Floor, Week 3

We are excited for the next stage of the rehab process! Clients are now ready to start progressing forward with the core preparation exercises and begin working on standing alignment. While the first few weeks focused on initial activation of the core, the upcoming weeks will gradually integrate that core strength into everything the client does while providing some key muscle release to help address compensation patterns and stay in optimal alignment. Remember: this is a journey. All clients have good days and bad days, times when they get sick or their kids get sick. Life happens. Do not let them be discouraged by setbacks. Just start fresh each day encouraging them to do their best to build and use the strength they have as much as they can. It will absolutely worth it.

    Neutral Pelvis

    This week is about understanding the importance of neutral pelvis alignment: how it affects overall core strength and the crucial link it has to pelvic floor function. Clients now have some initial awareness of body alignment and are becoming more connected to the core. But this week the new strength of the transverse will become more noticable. The additional neutral pelvis education and stretches will help eliminate compensation strategies and create the optimal alignment for the pelvic floor to develop ongoing functional strength. Clients should have the strength to maintain active sitting posture more and more, and will begin to incorporate their new core strength into standing activities and other common movement patterns they perform every day.

    Don’t Be Overwhelmed

    This may be a ton of new information in the past few weeks. Try not to let yourself become overwhelmed. Take one day at a time.  Keep in mind that feeling neutral pelvis alignment can be tricky at first, especially if when clients have been using other strategies for some time.  Don’t give up.  Find the stretches that are the most crucial for each client, and focus on those. Continue with the transverse holds and connection to the core and pelvic floor as they transition to active standing. Every little change adds up. Trust the process.

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