Your Weekly Lesson

Functional Pelvic Floor Introduction and Assessment

This section will introduce you to the course format and provide the valuable client assessment instruction.  Take a look at the content below and then get started on your videos.

    Welcome to Functional Pelvic Floor CEU! This course walk you through The Tummy Team Functional Pelvic Floor rehab process and expand on the comprehensive Floor of Your Core online client course. We will walk you step by step through our rehab process and give you practical skills to help your clients struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction.

    All Tummy Team education is packed with unscripted, genuine video education that addresses what we need to do to heal and why we need to do it. This professional training will go even deeper into that education. We are very intentional and thoughtful about how we approach our clients and we have found that those details have set us apart and led to the success of our clients.

    There are a lot of videos in this course; take your time and pace yourself. We have used the same progression as in our Floor of Your Core course with added professional content in each lesson.  You will want to watch the videos in order since they build upon one another.  The final lesson is your CEU completion test.

    We also invite you to join the Tummy Team Professional Forum on Facebook if you haven’t already. We have a great collaborative community and we would love to walk alongside you in your training and professional journey.