Your Weekly Lesson

Floor of Your Core Introduction

Moving forward in this course, the content will follow our clients online course Floor of Your Core with additional videos at the beginning and end of each week specifically designed for professionals.  We have found it is vital for professionals to experience our client courses to fully understand how we instruct clients and all that is included in rehab process. This Anatomy and Education section is all about the valuable initial education that every Tummy Team client watches prior to starting their rehab journey. We are passionate about education and firmly believe your rehabilitation is dependent on client knowledge, awareness, and understanding of how the body was designed to function. The Tummy Team provides clients with a ton of new information, along with familiar information presented in an all-new way. Some of this education may even be contrary to what you’ve heard as a professional. Rest assured, our program is based on research, years of clinical application and functional anatomy and has helped thousands of people restore their core and pelvic floor. Be open-minded, participate in the videos as a client would and you might be amazed at how much stronger you feel too!

    What to Expect

    This week you have access to both your Intro videos and your Week 1 videos, this is more content than you will have in a typical week.  It is important to  watch the intro videos first as these videos contain important background information that set the stage for your entire pelvic floor rehab journey.

    In the weekly lessons there will be a “Focus of the Week.” Please read this before you watch the instructional videos. Often it is helpful to also download or print your handouts prior to watching your videos so you can take notes directly on your handouts. The download the handouts we’ve included are meant to help you progress through each week without having to rewatch every video.

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    A personal, one-on-one session with Kelly can be the powerful tool you need to keep your progress going. Whether you have specific questions, are in a rut or are looking for ways to improve even faster, these sessions will give you the personal touch that will help.
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