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Functional Core, Week 8: High Impact Sports

Welcome to week 8!  This week we will explore how to transitions back into High Impact Sports.  We have selected a variety of sports and fitness activities that require some specific strategies to be able to do while maintaining a solid core connection.  The good news is that you can return to most sports using new skills, awareness, alignment and strategies to ensure your core stay strong and you avoid injury. As you can imagine, there are far too many sports for us to cover everything but we do our best to give you a vast overview of the most common sports our clients ask about.  Even watching how we modify, break down and build back up a sport you do not do can be helpful for you to understand the “skills and drills” concept.  If you want to dive deeper into a sport you do that we did not cover, please consider doing and eSession with Kelly.  We would love to help you get back to the sports you love!

    High Impact Sports Transitions

    In our final week of Functional Core, we will give you tools and strategies to safely return to your favorite high impact sports including: volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, dance, baseball, softball and running.  Understanding the key elements of core activation and optimal pelvis and ribcage alignment while running, changing directions, stop and start and pivot movements will set the stage for a strong core throughout the sport.

    Not every client has a goal of returning to high impact sports and that is ok.  This week may be a week for you to review prior content to work toward your specific goals.  But for the client who has been dreaming of returning to a sport they love, we hope this week fills you will hope and strategies to make that happen.

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