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Functional Core, Week 7: Low Impact Sports

Welcome to Week 7! This week we will focus on Low Impact Sports and fitness options that do not require running or jumping.  We know how important sports can be to helping us fully enjoy our life and we know how core injuries and functional core weakness can keep us from returning to the sports we love.  This week we will dive into how you can make smart choices to build the connection and skills you need to return to the sports you love with a strong confident core connection.

Low Impact Sports Transition

Low impact sports are activities that do not consistently require you to run or jump to engage in the sport.  Even low impact sports require a lot of coordination as well as the ability to adjust the speed of your core connection  and move through a variety postures.  We will look at a large variety of the most common low impact sports our clients ask about and give you strategies to break down each sport into its components so we can focus on “skills and drills” with the core in mind. Then we will give you step by step strategies to return safely to the sport you enjoy.

We cannot cover every possible sport and you may have more questions about your specific sport since this is a general overview.  If you need more specific instruction, we would love to help you with that as well.  Check out our eSession options for more personalized instruction.

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