Your Weekly Lesson

Functional Core, Week 6: Fitness Minutes

Welcome to Week 6.  At this point in this course, we will shift gears a bit and start focusing specifically on fitness, exercise options, sports and other forms of personal strength training.  Fitness and sports can be a very important aspect of our lives and it is valuable to integrate all that you have learn so far about the core, alignment and how to limit compensation patterns into how you exercise.  Often the core rehab journey fills clients with fears about what they can and cannot do.  We hope the next 3 weeks helps you see it is not what you do but how you do it that really matters.  This week we will build on our foundation concept of Fitness Minutes to help you transition into more and more exercise options.

    Fitness Minutes

    For the past five weeks, you have been focusing on expanding your connection and integration to your core in all the daily things you do.  We continue to give you tools and strategies to transform your overall posture and alignment.  Now we will build those tools and strategies into how you approach fitness.

    Fitness minutes is a concept we have introduced in our foundational core rehab courses.  We look at basic exercises that most naturally engage your core and keep you in optimal alignments that you can daily.  You will take 1-2 exercises for 1-2 minutes that you do 1-2 times a day, every day.  Starting exercise is small bite-size pieces can help you avoid compensation that comes with fatigue or distraction.  We can take small opportunities to build the connection and coordination the core requires to effectively support you as you are challenging it.

    We have been giving you workouts each week in the Challenge Component of the weekly videos but this week is different. We want you to be more consistent on daily work and less reliant on the videos.  We are including a series of short videos we have made for our bonus material section of our memberships to help you see how even a 3-minute workout can be effective.