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Functional Core, Week 5: Advanced Neutral Ribcage

Welcome to Week 5!  This week we will be focused on Advanced Neutral Ribcage strategies.  Upper body alignment improves core activation and promotes full arm range of motion so you can do all the things you love.  Our dependence on technology keeps us in rounded postures that contribute to ongoing upper back and neck pain and keep our ribcage flared so our core cannot fully activate as needed.  We have introduced this concept in our foundational courses but most clients need additional time and strategies to make lasting changes in neutral rib cage alignment. It is very important in this stage to persist and stay strong. Remember why you are doing this. Do not get stuck on completing every exercise, but focus on the big picture. This part of the journey is getting a deeper understanding and developing additional tools to help you have all day functional core strength that builds year after year. Just start fresh the next day. You can do it!

    Advanced Neutral Rib Cage Strategies

    The strategies from this week will continue to systematically transforme your alignment, overall core strength, and endurance. Upper body compensation patterns are struggles for most of our clients.  Consistency in the right things can make mighty impacts.  Keep in mind that most of these postural habits and muscles imbalances have developed over a long time so we need to be patient and kind to our bodies as we work on releasing and re-training these muscles patterns.

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