Your Weekly Lesson

Functional Core, Week 4: Active Walking

Welcome to Week 4!  We walk everywhere; around the house, in and out of stores, at work and more.  How we walk can make an impact.  This week we will problem solve several common patterns that keep us from getting the most from our walk.  Every little thing adds up. Try not to allow yourself to get overwhelmed. As we add new layers of functional integration, new stretches and new ways to challenge your core, it can be tempting to just check out.  Everyone has a different area that really feels like a priority to them.  Allow this to be your journey.  Gravitate toward the tools that really resonate with your life right now.

Active Walking

This week we will demonstrate several different walking issues and give you visual corrections to help you see why making little adjustments will really add up.  Active walking is something that can really add up.  You don’t have to go for long neighborhood walks to rethink how you walk.  Even how you walk around your house, in the grocery store and how you take the stairs throughout the day adds up.  We will give you specific guidelines to focus on and spend the entire week thinking about these new strategies.