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Functional Core, Week 3: Advanced Neutral Pelvis

Welcome to Week 3 as we journey into a better understanding neutral pelvis.  Neutral pelvis alignment is a foundational component to the core rehab process but it also impacts every movement you make throughout the day. We will share strategies for neutral pelvis during sitting, standing, walking, squatting, running and so much more this week and into next week as well.
Remember: this is a journey. Some strategies will be easy to implement and others might be more difficult.  Some weeks we will feel really consistent and other weeks we might feel overwhelmed or stuck.  Do your best.  Take a few things from each week to ponder and implement and move forward from there.  We are not looking for perfection.  We are just creating new opportunities with new tools.

    Week 3 Foundational Focus: Advanced Neutral Pelvis

    The focus of week three is understanding the importance of pelvis alignment, and how it affects your overall core strength.  There are so many ways we compensate with our lower body and the muscles around our pelvis when our core is weak or we are sitting and standing with chronically poor posture. This concept seems to be a dominating one in the rehab process so we are going to spend some more time here.  We will be adding new stretches and ways to connect and integrate neutral pelvis alignment into more of your movement patterns.

    Try Not to Get Overwhelmed

    We tackle a ton of new functional integration strategies this week from chores to parenting postures.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with all the ideas.  Just look at it as new tools.  Pick the area that you do the most to work on first OR pick the strategies that will be easiest to implement so you can feel some success before adding a new strategy.  We want these options to give you hope not make you afraid to move.  One step at a time.

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