Your Weekly Lesson

Functional Core, Week 1: The Breath

Welcome to week 1 where we will dive into a deeper understanding of The Breath. We will take all you have already learned about the breath and build on it.  How we use the breath to fully access and engage our core is foundational to all we do yet most of us struggle with common compensations and daily postures that sabotage this full potential.  This week will give you some brand new tools and strategies to master this concept and build it into your daily life effectively. Please be sure you have watched your intro videos. There is a lot of information to process and we want you to understand why you are doing what we instruct — not just how to do it.

    The Breath

    Your core and pelvic floor are key respiratory muscles and are impacted by every breath you take.  The Transverse Abdominis functionally activates when we forcefully exhale like during yelling, singing, and even vomiting but also moves and supports the little breaths that we take all day long.  Poor posture and tight muscles can impair our ability to fully access the core and use the core effectively.  Mastering The Breath is key.

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