Your Weekly Lesson

Functional Core, Introduction

Welcome to The Tummy Team’s Functional Core 8-week Advance Core Integration Online Course! We are thrilled to help you progress to the next step in your functional core rehab journey. In this course, you will dive deeper into some of the foundational concepts of our initial rehab courses and gain new strategies and tools to integrate your core strength into all the areas of your life. This course was designed per the request of thousands of clients who wanted more instruction in how to incorporate their core strength into everything they do.

    This week you have access to both your Intro videos and your Week 1 videos. Please take the time to watch the intro videos first as these videos will help you know what to expect and how to be successful. Then go ahead and get started at week one.  It works best to try to watch all of your weekly videos at one sitting and then return to only the videos you need for reminders as you integrate this work throughout the week.

    This course often repeats the use of different stretches and releases in different sections of the course. To simplify the handouts we have included a glossary section so that all of the handouts/downloads you may need for the course will be located in one section.   You can download/print what you need for your journey.

    You can also download the outline in the downloads section to see what videos you can look forward to in this course and the watch time for each week. Prepare to spend approximately 1.5 hours on the first week of this program.

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