Diastasis Recti Rehab Essentials

with Kelly Dean

You've got this,

Awareness is 50% of the solution. The more you know about how your body works best, the better you can prevent injury and support the healing process.

Series Overview

There is a lot of confusing and overwhelming information out there about how to treat diastasis recti and what is actually involved in the rehabilitation process. As a physical therapist, I was shocked at how little we learned in college about this condition. It is rare to find a professional who truly knows how to effectively treat diastasis. Diastasis recti rehab is the specialty of The Tummy Team. We have helped thousands of clients from mild to severe cases heal and reclaim the strong active life they were missing. This series is designed to help you understand the essential components to the diastasis rehab approach by making it simple and understandable. This is an outline with some really important information but this is not our comprehensive rehab process. Start here and when you are ready for more support join us in our Functional Core Rehab Collections to give you the fully rehab process.

Series Progress