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Diastasis Recti and Weight Loss

A super common questions we get every day is Do I need to lose weight before I can heal my diastasis? No. We strongly believe that we were intentionally made with all different shapes and sizes. There are seasons of our life where our body weight changes. Though it is healthy to look at your overall health, regardless of our weight or our size, we all have a core that is capable of being connected and strong to hold you up and help you move pain-free. Often once our clients have the strength and connection to their core, they have more energy and motivation to address the other areas of their health to help them be who they were meant to be.

Shift your thinking. Core rehab and strength is the first step even before losing weight. Don’t let extra weight keep you from starting to rebuild your core strength and healing your diastasis. You can heal your diastasis no matter what size and weight you currently are. Just take that first step.