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Diastasis Recti and Swimming

Swimming has unfortunately received a bad reputation when it can actually be a great Tummy Safe Fitness option. In reality, any exercise that causes clients to bulge their belly or chronically flare their ribs can contribute to a diastasis. The truth is swimming is a low impact, long axis sport that actually elongates the body and naturally engages the core! If your swimming positions lead you to flare your ribs then the issue is not swimming, but how tight your chest muscles and your shoulder range of motion. With diastasis recti and fitness, your form is essential for all your muscles to work together regardless of the exercise you choose.

Reconsider how you do the things you love. Maybe you are a swimmer, maybe not. But in the end it is more about how you are doing what you are doing than what you do. Think about how you set up your alignment and connection of the core before you start and then start a little at a time and build up each component. It takes time in the beginning but it will pay off.