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Diastasis Recti and Planks

Planks are not necessarily bad, but most clients with a functionally weak core are not strong enough to use good form. Instead, most people tuck their tail and hold their breath. This posture, as well as the force of gravity in this position, increases pressure and bulging of the connective tissue, inhibiting the healing of a diastasis. Again, we recommend upright functional core rehab first, and then we can work on planks if that is your fitness goal. Once clients have closed their diastasis and have retrained the transverse in upright postures, they can gradually work towards a plank, but it is not where we suggest starting the healing process.

Planks are not functional. There are very few daily activities that put your body in the position. So when we are working at rebuilding functional core strength, upright exercises translate better to real life strength. Where can you add some upright core work into your routine?