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Diastasis versus Hernia – What’s really going on?

Diastasis recti is sometimes confused with or even misdiagnosed as a hernia. Although, these diagnoses are similar and the causes are the same, there is a very important distinction between the two. A diastasis is a severe stretching of the connective tissue and a hernia is a tear in the connective tissue. An untreated diastasis can become a hernia and we want to avoid that whenever possible. Early diagnosis and immediate treatment for diastasis recti is the key to avoiding abdominal hernia.

Learn to exhale and engage (draw up and in) your core on the effort of all strenuous activities. Holding your breath, bracing, bearing down and straining are the most common causes of diastasis and hernia. If we can change how we are using the abdominals we can lower the risk considerably.