Your Weekly Lesson

Core Smart Fitness: Week 9

    This week we transition to a series of hand selected workouts.  Beth Learn will continue to progress you while adding some new positions, different cues and even give you a tummy safe plank progression.  As always, listen to your body and adjust as needed.  Keep in mind some of these new videos may be the perfect next challenge for you and some may be too challenging. Each of you are at a different level of fitness and have different long term goals.  If you find any of these videos too challenging or working on exercises that are not your personal goals, do not be discouraged. Simply return to some of the last few weeks videos that you have starred and progress with weights or reps as needed.  We wanted to give clients the options to see how to move forward into new forms of fitness if that is their goal. But this is YOUR fitness transition so it is totally ok to make the adjustments that feel right for you. You’ve got this!