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Core Smart Fitness, Introduction: What to Expect

The recommended prerequisites for CoreSmart Fitness are Core Foundations, Floor of Your Core, or Prenatal Core Training because this program is designed to further build upon those foundational concepts. There are no handouts or course notes to follow in this program.  We did include a basic outline chart for you to mark off your progress, take notes on which weights you used and star if you want to return to repeat this particular workout in the future. 

    Welcome to your Core Smart Fitness Transition Course.  Week 1 includes a few introduction videos and then you will get started with your 5 weekly workouts with Kelly.  Take some time to watch the intro videos and then get started!

    Each week you will have 5 new workouts to complete.  This chart can help you take notes and monitor your progress.  Mark down which weights you used, if you needed to take extra rests, if it was challenging, what you might need to try again, etc.  You can also star the workouts you particularly enjoyed so you know which ones you want to return to in the future.  This is an optional tool but something that may be helpful as you move through the course and when you decide to repeat workouts in the future.

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    A personal, one-on-one session with Kelly can be the powerful tool you need to keep your progress going. Whether you have specific questions, are in a rut or are looking for ways to improve even faster, these sessions will give you the personal touch that will help.
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