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Welcome to Core Support, The Tummy Team’s four-week  Core Trauma Recovery Course.  You have already taken the most important first step by investing in this journey.  This course was very intentionally designed to help support you as you navigate the physical speed bumps of unaddressed trauma in your body.   We want the beginning of this journey to be filled with hope and purpose.  Yes, your body has been through A LOT!  And your body is designed with amazing survival strategies as well as deep healing potential.  We created this course based on clinically proven strategies that have helped thousands of clients just like you reconnect to their body and reclaim the connection and strength they need to be healthy, pain free and confident moving forward. To be successful, take time to watch and participate with each week of videos at one sitting.  Then follow the homework steps over the next week or so until you are ready for the next step.  We release new content each week and we encourage 1-3 weeks to work through that  material.  We want you to listen to your body and take the time you need without  allowing yourself to get stuck and avoid the next step.  Trust the process, we anticipate your needs each week and are not going to push you too fast or too hard.  You can do this, one step at a time.

Available in these collections