Your Weekly Lesson

Core Preparations, Week 4: Post-Op Preparation

Welcome to the fourth and final week of your Core Preparations Program. At this point, we have provided you with a solid preparation for your core in anticipation for your upcoming abdominal surgery. We want you to continue the exercises and alignment work you have been working on and start preparing not only for the surgery but for your post-op recovery as well. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. Focus on small things you can do consistently throughout the day and keep in mind that every piece adds up. You are making a valuable investment in your body and for the success of your surgical procedure.

    Post-Op Preparation

    The focus of Week 4 is to understand the importance of preparing for life after surgery. Having educated expectations and a post-op plan will help you tremendously in your recovery and will avoid unnecessary setbacks. Take notes and consider how you can make plans now that will help you later.

    What to Expect:

    • Huge changes in your body awareness and movement patterns
    • A better understanding of how your environment can help your body be more effective
    • Noticeable changes in your posture
    • Less back pain, less hip pain and less abdominal pain as your body moves toward neutral active postures
    • Confidence in pre-op and post-op expectations
    • Good understanding of the importance of abdominal splinting post-op