Your Weekly Lesson

Core Foundations, Week 8: Core-Strong Lifestyle

You made it! Congratulations on investing in yourself for a full eight weeks. We know it is challenging, but we also know how important this work is for your ongoing, lifelong health. Our goal is to affect not only how you feel now, but also how you will feel years from now!  We hope you have created a core-strong lifestyle and learned several strategies for addressing pain and weakness for years to come. We have one last collection of videos for you to view and some final words to help you to progress long after this program is finished. Thank you so much for taking this journey with us and for allowing us to help you heal and restore your core.

    Core-Strong Lifestyle

    You are now ready to transition into an independent, core-strong lifestyle. You have the tools you need to continue healing and to prevent further abdominal trauma. You have the functional core foundation to gradually return to many of the activities you have enjoyed in the past, pain-free and core-strong. And you know what to avoid and eliminate in your life that had contributed to your weak and disconnected core.