Your Weekly Lesson

Core Foundations, Week 6: Consistency

We are now moving more and more toward muscle memory and functional integration. Your rehab phase is transitioning to your lifestyle phase thanks to muscle memory. You are working to create a naturally strong and active internal core that is the foundation of all your movement, function, and fitness. It is normal to be less focused on the number of sets and reps of exercises and stretches, and more focused on your everyday alignment, integration, and posture. This is why you no longer have weekly charts in your downloads. This week, your videos will focus on integration and give you more core stretches for keeping your muscles healthy and responsive. We also include our grief resources in this week.  Many of our clients have trauma or loss connected to their core weakness. We address this throughout our program in small intentional ways.  We have 2 videos that we created for our fitness partner Fit2b to help clients transition through the grief and back into strength and connection.  We encourage you to watch these videos even if you are not sure that you struggle with emotional disconnect.  These are free videos on that can be shared with friends and family as you feel would be helpful.


    For the past five weeks, you have been systematically rebuilding your core and transforming your overall posture and alignment. Consistency is the most important factor in your long-term success. But consistency does not mean doing everything we recommend; it means being as consistent as you can be with the components that mean the most to you.

    Clients often begin to feel frustrated at this stage if they are not doing every set, every rep and every exercise we recommend. Keep focused on the big picture. Take one day at a time, one change at a time. We have created a very effective program, but only you can engage your core. Do not underestimate yourself. Do not underestimate the impact of consistency. You can do it — and you are totally worth it.

    Additionally, this week we will discuss the impact grief has our ability to heal this area. The brain and body are very connected and we often disassociate from an area that may be painful to us. Take your time working through the videos on grief. The emotion may hit you at an unexpected time after watching the videos. Take the time to process this and make time for abdominal massage to help re-establish this connection.

    What To Expect This Week:

    • More-automatic posture and alignment
    • Ability to feel your core throughout the day, awareness of times that it is active, and recognition of positions/activities where it is difficult to engage
    • Core fatigue and soreness from increased integration. Remember to use posture checks and stretches to relieve soreness. Do not ignore pain.
    • Fewer pelvic floor weakness symptoms
    • Weaning from the splint with increased awareness of when to use it and when to use your transverse
    • Improved intestinal tract function
    • Ability to walk with active core and increased automatic activation of the core in daily posture and alignment