Your Weekly Lesson

Core Foundations, Week 4: Pelvic Floor

Congratulations! You are halfway through your eight-week program! Keep in mind that every body responds differently so do not underestimate any of the changes you are experiencing. You may have seen a dramatic improvement in your back pain, or posture, or noticed subtle changes in your strength and body awareness. Remember, your body was designed to be balanced and aligned so everything works effectively. Be encouraged — your hard work is paying off!

    Pelvic Floor

    Although some of you may not feel you have pelvic floor issues, the function of the pelvic floor is directly linked to your core strength and your body alignment. We encourage all of you to watch the videos related to this important part of your overall health. You’ll see how the pelvis is the floor of your core and how the connection can help with many issues you may have been unaware of. We have a male and female version — you only need to watch the video for your gender.

    Your videos also give you some initial fitness recommendations. Remember, rehab is still your priority, but you can slowly start moving back into fitness if you follow our guidelines.

    What to Expect

    • Gradual change in your sitting and standing posture and endurance
    • Improved energy level
    • New awareness of hip and butt muscles as you stop compensating and start using those muscles for the jobs they were designed for.
    • Emotional Surprises– Sometimes we store emotional pain in these areas of our bodies, and as we start “waking” them up, we uncover emotions we did not expect. Deal with these as needed so you can move on.
    • Feeling overwhelmed – Do not fall into the trap of feeling you have to change everything or do everything differently. Pick a few key things to focus on, and do your best to be consistent with them. This is a journey.
    • Uncertain of what fitness and exercises you can do? Listen to your body. As a general rule, if you cannot exhale and engage your transverse on the “work” of the exercise, you do not have the connection or coordination to do that exercise effectively.