Your Weekly Lesson

Core Foundations, Week 3: Neutral Pelvis

We are excited for the next stage of the program! You are now ready to start progressing your core exercises and begin working on standing alignment. While the first few weeks focused on initial activation of your core, the upcoming weeks will gradually integrate your core strength into everything you do and give you some stretches to help you stay in optimal alignment. Remember: this is a journey. We all have good days and bad days, times when we get sick or our kids get sick. Life happens. Do not let yourself be discouraged by setbacks. Just start fresh each day and do your best to build and use your strength. It will absolutely be worth it.

    Neutral Pelvis

    The focus of week three is understanding the importance of pelvis alignment, and how it affects your overall core strength. You are aware of your body alignment and are becoming more connected to your core. But this week you will really start to feel how strong this muscle is becoming. The additional neutral pelvis training in standing is an important step in making the core strong in everything you do.

    You should have the strength to use your active sitting posture more and more, and you will see how you can start really incorporating your new core strength into your daily life activities. The stretches will help eliminate compensation strategies as you begin building your core strength into more functional activities.

    What to Expect

    • Some muscle soreness, often along the sides of your spine in your lower back. Performing gentle stretches by lying on your back and pulling both knees to your chest with some belly breaths can relieve this.
    • Noticeable changes in your posture
    • New awareness of weakness during daily activities when you are using your body correctly. This will improve steadily.
    • Mild increase in gas and soft stools or diarrhea as your intestinal tract function starts to improve
    • Heavier menstrual cycles initially as the body cleanses itself and regains healthy alignment or the uterus contracts and returns to its pre-pregnancy size