Your Weekly Lesson

Core Foundations, Week 2: Connection

Although you have only completed your first week of awareness and initial activation, you are probably already feeling different. Our first goal is building awareness and beginning to rebuild the transverse strength. After one week of activating and engaging your internal core muscles, you should have much more awareness of these muscles. You are also more aware of how you move, sit, stand and function. Sadly, this awareness sometimes reveals even more of our weakness but we all have to start somewhere. This awareness is key to progress.


    It is remarkable how weak we are when we begin, and how one week of consistent core activation can greatly improve your overall ability to feel this muscle. Strength building begins with a connection to the muscles you are trying to rebuild.  This connection is crucial for long term functional core strength so don’t underestimate the work you are doing now. This week, we are going to develop your awareness and foster that connection. Remember, we prepare a muscle by doing small, effective bursts of activity multiple times every day.

    This week you are also continuing with your transverse abdominis rehab and functional integration from Week 1. This week’s videos will help you understand how core strength can impact your intestinal tract and your lower back, and how abdominal massage can increase your connection to your core muscles. Plus we will be gradually increasing your initial core exercises and optimal alignment.

    What to Expect

    • Increased awareness of your transverse
    • Improvement of lower back pain
    • Muscle soreness/aching or cramping (no sharp pains) along the sides of your spine, love handles, and/or tummy
    • Fatigue in upper back with increased postures
    • Mild increase in gas and soft stools or diarrhea as your intestinal tract function starts to improve
    • Heavier menstrual cycles initially as the body cleanses itself and regains healthy alignment or the uterus contracts and returns to its pre-pregnancy size