Your Weekly Lesson

Core Foundations for Men, Week 5: Challenge

Congratulations! You have made it to week 5!  At this stage of our Core Foundations program, you undoubtedly have much more functional strength and are seeing significant changes in your connection to your true core. You will continue to build even more strength and reach even greater healing as you incorporate core strength into your everyday lifestyle. This week we continue prioritizing your optimal alignment and progress core integration in fitness and everyday function. Keep in mind, everyone has a unique experience. You may still have rehab to do. You may need more time to completely restore your core. Our hope is to give you the tools to reach your goals — even if your timeline is different than someone else’s. Don’t give up! Time and consistency do pay off.

    Up to this point, we have focused on the rehab and some lifestyle portions of core strength and rebuilding. We have given you some initial fitness options with our focus on building connection and coordination with the core and some simple exercises. At this point we are going to step by step transition you into more challenges with sports, resistance training and every day chores.

    Everyone has a different activity level and different goals, but the learning how to build these foundational components into your activities is essential.  Take your time and focus on form and connection.  The ways you challenge and multitask your core will reinforce functional core strength for everything you do.

    What to Expect this Week:

    • Feelings of being stronger, taller, more confident, and more energetic
    • Surprise at how effective and challenging upright core work is in Tummy Safe exercises
    • Decreased back pain, improved diastasis recti, and less intestinal problems
    • Understanding of how to address pain and tension when it presents itself instead of powering through the pain
    • Ongoing use of posture checks and alignment awareness, especially as you begin new exercises