Your Weekly Lesson

Core Foundations for Men, Week 4: Neutral Rib Cage

We are already at Week 4! This is the time when it is easiest to be discouraged. The immediate improvement of strength during the first three weeks slows down, but do not let yourself be fooled… You are still dramatically improving your functional strength and muscle memory. Everything you are able to do at this stage is moving you in the right direction. You have much more awareness and strength, and many of the damaging movement patterns you were doing have changed. Remember, the goal is muscle memory. We are working on setting your body up for long-term success. Take one day at a time; it will be worth it. Don’t Be Discouraged! It is very important in this stage to persist and stay strong. Remember why you are doing this. Do not get stuck on completing every set, but focus on the big picture. If you miss a set or a day, do not give up. Just start fresh the next day. You have already changed your posture and many of your movement patterns, and started rebuilding your corset. Every thing you do will continue to build this strength. You can do it!

    Neutral Rib Cage 

    This program is systematically transforming your alignment, overall core strength, and endurance. This week, we will address the upper body compensation patterns and focus on neutral rib cage alignment.  This is often a very important component for the men we work with.  A flared rib cage combined with bracing the core muscles instead of effectively engaging the core muscles contributes to most of the issues we see in men.

    So this week we are going to train neutral rib cage and work specifically on the connection and coordination between the core and upper body to reinforce the most effective alignment and functional core strength.

    What to Expect

    • Improved energy level
    • Less dramatic awareness of the transverse strength as it becomes more natural
    • Feeling overwhelmed – Do not fall into the trap of feeling you have to change everything. Pick a few key things to focus on, and do your best being consistent.
    • More automatic sitting and standing alignment
    • Feeling ready to begin weaning from the splint
    • Improved intestinal tract function
    • Ability to sit without back support and stand for longer periods of time with little to no back pain