Your Weekly Lesson

Neutral Pelvis

The term neutral pelvis refer the optimal alignment of the pelvic bones in upright postures like sitting, standing, and walking. The pelvis is the bony structure that all of your core and pelvic floor muscles connects to and the where most of your hip, leg and lumbar muscles connect as well. Neutral means the position where the line between your pubic bone (in the front) and your tailbone (in the back) is parallel with the floor. This can mean sitting on your sit bones not your tailbone and standing without excessive arching or rounding of your low back. Neutral pelvis can be someone "elusive" when we are first building awareness, but we have some practical strategies to help you create opportunities for neutral pelvis throughout your day.

Sit on your sit bones! When first grasping the concept of neutral pelvic alignment it is easiest to begin by focusing on sitting on your sit bones. This naturally places the pelvis neutral and encourages your core and pelvic floor to lift and activate to maintain this alignment. You will start with very little endurance and tolerance for this so use back support and lumbar support to help you maintain this position longer without compensation.