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Intestinal Issues

Chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, recurring hemorrhoids, painful bloating and acid reflux are all common symptoms of a weakened core. Several vital organs, including the intestines, rely on a strong internal core for support. Without that support, the digestive system fails to work efficiently.

4 1/2 million people in the US say they are constipated most or all of the time.

20-30% of the US population experiences acid reflux on a weekly basis.

The Tummy Team specializes in rebuilding the internal core muscles that support the proper function of the intestinal tract. We first rebuild your internal core. Then, we focus on posture and alignment to engage your core for better bowel movements and improved overall intestinal function.

The Tummy Team is an affiliate with the Squatty Potty™ – which educates on intestinal health and bathroom posture for optimal function of the intestinal tract. For more information about the Squatty Potty™ you can visit our Partners and Products page.

I have been struggling with constipation my entire life and even had several emergency procedures as a result. After working with The Tummy Team for three sessions, my body is regular for the first time. - Anne, Age 65