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Rehabilitating your core can relieve
many chronic symptoms related to
core weakness that could be keeping
you from your best life.

We'll Teach You How

You’re Not Alone

Unfortunately, functional core weakness is an epidemic in our culture. Without the proper core strength or stability, the body compensates in harmful ways – resulting in physical and internal health issues. The Tummy Team is here to help.

Our approach combines neuromuscular re-education, postural correction, biomechanics and functional rehabilitation to rebuild your internal core strength. We then train you to use that new foundational strength in everything you do so you can live a pain-free and empowered life.


Many clients are surprised to find out that their symptoms can be relieved through core rehabilitation. Our comprehensive programs have been proven to help with these symptoms, and many more. Click the symptom to find out more.

Diastasis Recti                                                                   Prenatal/Postnatal Core Weakness

Back Pain                                                                            Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Abdominal Hernias                                                            Prostate Issues

Constipation/Intestinal Issues                                        Emotional Trauma