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For Men Too

When it comes to core weakness,
men suffer too. Let us help you
rebuild and retrain your core, then
integrate that strength into all of
life's activities.

Get started today.

You're Not Alone

Most of the men we work with at The Tummy Team used to be more active, involved in sports, and devoted to abdominal workouts. Now, they spend most of their days sitting at desks, driving, and being fairly sedentary.

If you are one of these men, pain has cropped up because your internal core muscles are relatively inactive and not effectively engaged. A daily life of poor postures and muscle bracing or bulging have contributed to a deflated, weak tummy. Hitting the gym is no longer the simple answer. Exercises like crunches will actually increase back pain, raise injury risk, and can create a diastasis or abdominal hernia.


These symptoms and conditions are all connected to functional core weakness in men. Click the symptom to find out more.

Diastasis Recti                                                                    Back Pain

Abdominal Hernias                                                             Prostate Issues

Constipation/Intestinal Issues