/ March 22, 2014

Core Rehab is More Than Numbers

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It is so easy to focus on measurements…objective numbers. We are even trained this way in PT (physical therapy) school. Measurable, quantifiable changes. You have to measure it to compare changes, right? We focus on numbers in other areas too. How much we weigh…What size we wear…How tall we are…How many inches we have gained or lost…How fast we can swim, run, etc. Numbers don’t tell us everything. In fact, those numbers can actually become a distraction. Our focus at The Tummy Team isn’t numbers; we focus on core rehab.

In our first physical therapy session, we spend about 30 minutes of our time asking questions, observing the client and listening. Ninety percent of our core rehab ‘evaluation’ can be revealed without even touching the client – without measuring the abdominal wall, the range of motion or the diastasis. Of course, we do all of these things as well, but the hands-on evaluation often just confirms what we have already suspected from listening to our clients.

Your list of symptoms, how you hold your body and how you feel, is more comprehensive than any measurement we can take. We are highly trained with our palpation skills so when we do use our hands to assess the client, we can tell what muscles are being used, we can feel adhesions or scar tissue, damage and muscle responsiveness and stability and instability in joints. If you are deciding to engage in core rehab, it is imperative we look at everything. How you feel, what you are able to do, your level of energy, your confidence, and overall emotional state is all telling you something important.

core rehab, diastasis recti, physical therapy Numbers – sometimes they change dramatically and sometimes they change very slowly. Sometimes you can make incredible progress throughout your core rehab and the numbers just don’t show that. It can drive you crazy!

“I feel so much stronger. I can carry my baby without pain. I can cough without wetting my pants. I can fit into my pants better and everyone is telling me how great I look. But I checked my diastasis and I think it has not changed much or at least I think there is still a small separation, so I am not sure if this is working.”

Er…..What?? Why do we allow a number to change our perspective of what we know is progress? Yes, the number can tell us things, but it never tells us everything. Sometimes, while a client’s diastasis may close up right away, they still do not have the strength they need for life. The number is there, but have they fully rebuilt their core? No! We still need to build strength, endurance, correct alignment patterns and regain the functional strength needed to fully succeed in core rehab.

We have very comprehensive online core rehab programs but many people question how we can do physical therapy without physically being there. We do this by teaching you to understand your own body. We teach you to listen to your own symptoms and then we give you very realistic and straightforward ways to start retraining your body. But we know it can be overwhelming to be a student of your own body, processing tons of new information. The Tummy Team has taken a very systematic approach to teaching you one piece at a time, building from there, until you have succeeded in your core rehab. Let us help you see more than just numbers. Let us help you restore your core and reclaim your true self.

The Tummy Team has helped thousands of clients locally and internationally with their comprehensive online core rehab programs. The core is the foundation for all your movement all day long. If you are struggling to really connect to your core, let us help you. Check out our online courses HERE or click the images below to preview our most popular programs.

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