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Women’s Health Ministry

Kelly Dean loves to minister to women
in all seasons of life. Through a variety
of speaking engagements, she assists
in the healing of women physically,
emotionally, and spiritually.

Discover your Perfect Design with Kelly Dean.

Moms Groups

My Story of Loss and Renewal
Kelly, a mother of three, will share her personal story of loss and renewal. She passionately empowers women to find the strength and purpose that God has for them as women, wives, and mothers. She educates mothers on the design of their bodies and how to heal and strengthen from the challenges of motherhood. (45 min.–1 hr.)

Kelly spoke at our Mom's group and continues to be our team's favorite speaker. She is so real and so fun to listen to. It is amazing to have such a great resource for our moms right in our own area. - Kerry, leader of MOMS group and mother of 4.

Womens Groups

Perfect Design
Understanding how God designed your body. Eliminating pain and weakness to regain and reclaim your internal strength. (1-3 hrs.)

Daughter of the King
Living in the strength, healing, power, and confidence you were intended to. How physical healing can promote spiritual and emotional healing to set you free to be a Daughter of the King. (1-3 hrs.)


Combines the above speaking topics.

To schedule a ministry speaking engagement with Kelly Dean, please contact The Tummy Team at 360-952-CORE or info@thetummyteam.com.

It is refreshing to have a speaker who truly communicates the physical and spiritual needs of the women in our church. Kelly was so easy to relate to and honest that our ladies immediately connected to her story and her message of hope and healing. - Margaret- women's pastor and event coordinator.

Statement of Faith

The Tummy Team is a Christian-based business. We absolutely do not discriminate against any form of religion or lifestyle, but accept all clients with unconditional support, love, and encouragement. However, we believe that our bodies were perfectly and skillfully designed by a loving and creative God, and that all complete healing comes from the love of Jesus Christ. It is clear that only God could take a situation of such pain and discouragement and allow it to be used as a vessel of healing and encouragement in the lives of others. We are committed to sharing that healing process with as many people as we can. The Tummy Team carefully chooses business practices with the utmost honesty, integrity, and compassion. We joyfully offer teaching and encouragement in ministry venues, as available. The blessings of helping people have physically, emotionally, and spiritually restored lives continue to overwhelm us. We are very grateful for all referrals and feedback our clients can provide.