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Our Partners

The Tummy Team does not
work alone. We have an amazing
network of gifted professionals
and helpful resources that
complement and reinforce our work.

Check out these resources.

Cloud Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Shannon practices at The Tummy Team office in Camas, WA, and provides comprehensive prenatal, postpartum, and full family care. She has a unique approach that includes manual muscle work, exercise, and alignment retraining, as well as adjustments and pain relief.

Primed Childbirth Prep

The Tummy Team has partnered with Karli Leonardo to create a comprehensive online child birth preparation series offered through The Tummy Team. If you would like to learn more about what Primed offers locally, you can view their website.

Symmetry Massage and Fitness

Symmetry Massage and Fitness also works out of The Tummy Team office in Camas, Wash., and offers a variety wellness massages and specific medical massage treatment services (often billable to insurance). Symmetry also specializes in the development of personal fitness programs and one-on-one fitness training sessions.

Fit2B - Online Fitness

Fitness options that don’t damage your core are hard to find. We highly recommend Bethany Learn and Fit2B.us for online tummy-safe fitness. For $14.99/month you get access to 100 different workouts.

Click here to get 30% off a full-year membership – Just use promo code thetummyteam to receive your discount!

Rhythm of Birth & Postpartum Journey

We love this resource from Shalene Massie, Doula and Childbirth Educator, that focuses on giving you all the tools you need for the postpartum period. From postpartum depression to installing car seats, this course is a great way to begin your preparation and learn how to practically, emotionally, and mentally prepare for the postpartum transition.

Earth Friendly Medicine

Dr. Michelle is a Pacific Northwest-based functional medicine practitioner and naturopathic physician, specializing in a root-cause resolution approach to holistic hormone balance and autoimmunity. In addition to her private practice in downtown Vancouver, she offers virtual consultations to provide access to a broader population. Check out what she offers.

Nicole Byers Counseling

Nicole’s passion is helping women who are mother’s feel whole so they can live a full life. She also specializes in treating kids and tweens, giving them tools to flourish and helping their parents better understand them. You can find out more about her practice here.

Products We Love

Squatty Potty

A common side effect to a weak core is constipation. The Tummy Team works with you to rebuild your core and repair your digestive system. We love the Squatty Potty and recommend it for our core rehabilitation and prenatal clients to help with a healthy digestive system. You can go directly to SquattyPotty.com to find out how this simple invention can change your life!

Bodylastics Bands

As you increase strength in the core, training the upper body and lower body to coordinate with that core strength is a crucial next step. We love Bodylastics® resistance bands for their durability, flexibility, and varied uses.

I found The Tummy Team through my midwife but The Tummy Team not only helped me rebuild my core, they also connected me to a great Chiropractor, the best massage therapist and a naturopath. I love that they work as a team to give us what we need to heal. - Ashley, Age 34, mom of 2

Other Physical Therapists

Locally, we have two other Physical Therapy clinics in the Vancouver, WA area that we refer our clients with non-core related physical therapy needs to.  These clinics have highly trained physical therapists who can help with all the things The Tummy Team does not specialize in.

Balanced Physical Therapy
Located in Salmon Creek near Vancouver, Wash., Debbie and Shannon are amazing physical therapists whom we highly respect. They can address all your physical therapy and pelvic floor needs (both men and women).

Washougal Sport and Spine Physical Therapy
Based in Washougal, Wash., Steve and Kim are incredible physical therapists who treat sports injuries and provide comprehensive physical therapy services in a bright, healthy atmosphere.

The Tummy Team also has Physical Therapy clinics around the country who have had us come and train their staff in Core Rehabilitation.  These clinics are a great option for those seeking core rehab in other areas of the country.  If you would like The Tummy Team to come and train your therapists, contact our office at 360-952-CORE.

Forward Physical Therapy
Way over in Knoxville, Tenn., the entire staff at Forward Physical Therapy has been trained by The Tummy Team in comprehensive core rehabilitation. In addition, they have a highly skilled staff who can treat all sports- and life-related injuries. If you are in the Knoxville area, Forward Physical Therapy is your core rehabilitation choice.

The Tummy Team has been such an incredible resource to me and my entire family. I feel like they truly care about my needs and go above and beyond to direct me to the other professionals or resources we needed. Thank you so much! - Kristine, mother of 4