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Kelly Dean, MPT

Owner, Physical Therapist, Speaker, Educator

Kelly is a physical therapist specializing in the rehabilitation of the internal muscles of the abdominals and back. Kelly performed her undergraduate work at University of New Mexico, where she also swam competitively for four years. She received her master’s degree in physical therapy from University of North Dakota in 1997.

Kelly loves to teach people about the body’s amazing design and intended function. She’s passionate, too, about increasing the body’s performance without severe amounts of exercise. Through these passions, Kelly has amassed extensive professional experience in neuromuscular rehabilitation, strokes and brain injury, community re-entry, and home health.

After several pregnancies and subsequent severe back pain, a protruding tummy, weak core muscles, and a significant diastasis, Kelly’s own journey changed the direction of her career. Today the owner of The Tummy Team, she is dedicated to fully understanding the neuromuscular, postural, and alignment issues that contribute to core weakness and abdominal separation. Her combination of multiple approaches specifically treats these conditions for long-lasting changes.

Gillian Sukachevin, MPT

Physical Therapist, Pelvic Floor Specialist, Educator

Gillian is a core rehabilitation and pelvic care specialist with The Tummy Team. She received a master of science in physical therapy from Andrews University in 1998. She later became a clinical instructor at Georgetown University Hospital, where she was drawn to neuromuscular re-education.

Following a back injury, four car accidents, infertility, and a delivery-related nerve injury, Gillian experienced years of pain and feeling disconnected from her body. She came to The Tummy Team for her own recovery in 2012. With the help of Kelly Dean, she not only found relief, but also began to see how greatly core rehabilitation could help others.

After completing rigorous one-on-one training with Kelly to become a Tummy Team core rehabilitation specialist, Gillian now combines core rehabilitation with her other passion holistic pelvic care.

You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook (@FunctionalPelvicFloor)


Christina Trautman, DPT

Physical Therapist, Women’s Health Specialist

Christina is the creator of Bella Health and Wellness Studio, and our newest physical therapist on staff at The Tummy Team.  Her desire is to treat women dealing with pelvic floor issues as well as helping pregnant and postpartum moms rehabilitate after having babies.

After growing up with pelvic floor dysfunction and was treated through pelvic floor rehabilitation to get full recovery and balance, she pursued a physical therapy degree to help others. Through her 7 years as a physical therapist, she has developed the passion and desire to treat women and share her knowledge. She has a passion for women who have pelvic floor dysfunction, who are pregnant or postpartum and want to get back to pre-baby body.

She is a trained Physical Therapist, Certified Women’s Health Specialist,  Core Rehabilitation Specialist and Fit For Birth Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist.

The Full Story Behind The Tummy Team

After seeing several specialists and doing thousands of Kegels with little help, The Tummy Team filled in the missing pieces in truly recovering my pelvic floor issues.  I never realized how much of my core weakness caused my other problems until they were gone! - Tina, Mom of 2, Age 40