Endorsed Practitioner


Kirsten Zimmermann

Hirslanden Klinik Im Park

Completed Courses:

Comprehensive Core Part 1, Comprehensive Core Part 2, Core Foundations, Core Preparations for C-Section, Prenatal Core Training

About Kirsten Zimmermann

Kirsten has been a midwife since 2001, working on a delivery ward and in maternity at Klinik Im Park hospital in Zürich. She has been teaching pre and postnatal classes for over 17 years, with her goal being to help the mother regain core and pelvic floor strength. She noticed the lack of information and knowledge of medical professionals and physiotherapists in this area when she realized she had no idea where to send the clients to heal. In Switzerland, the condition is often ignored, and therefore, information about the condition of core weakness and diastasis recti is rare. Even more rare are therapists that know how to treat it. She decided to learn as much as she could, collecting all the information she could get and began to work with clients that had diastasis. In 2015, Kirsten and a colleague founded the one and only individual diastasis consultation in Switzerland, at Hirslanden Klinik Im Park in Zürich, treating successfully women with core weakness and diastasis recti in individualized consultations. Her pre and postnatal classes are based on this knowledge. In 2020 Kirsten became a tummy team trained practitioner which is a big upgrade to her previous work. New perspectives and sharing information, experience and results with this specialized team is a huge source of knowledge which makes all the difference. Kirsten is happy to be a part of this group of professionals and as a result is being able to provide the best outcome for her clients.