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Chiara De Benedetti

Chiara Personal Trainer

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Comprehensive Core, Part 1, Comprehensive Core, Part 2, Core Foundations

About Chiara De Benedetti

Chiara graduated with honors in Physical Education in Rome in 1995. She has been a physical education teacher and a certified personal trainer for over 20 years. After her second pregnancy, she noticed that her belly was not getting back to its original condition, but at that time she had never heard anything about diastasis recti. As soon as she started looking for some information about the strange shape of her belly, she realized that finding valuable indications was quite impossible. In addition to the lack of information, Chiara soon realized that Italy was a country where the solution for diastasis recti is considered to be primarily surgical. At the same time she noticed that diastasis recti affects many more people that she had thought and that most of the exercises usually recommended for fixing this condition can even make it worse. Since then, all of her efforts, her studies and her research have been focused on reversing the trend and helping people to stay fit and get better. She became a Tummy Team Trained Practitioner in 2020, which adds more value to her commitment in teaching good fitness classes to people who have a diastasis recti. Chiara is very glad to be part of a team of professionals and she really appreciates the many chances of discussion and interaction.