Endorsed Practitioner


Cheryl Mostowski

Strong Tummies
1521 Foster Cir,
Algonquin, Illinois 60102-6658

Completed Courses:

Comprehensive Core Part 1, Comprehensive Core Part 2, Comprehensive Prenatal, Core Foundations, Core Integrations, Core Preparations, Prenatal Core Training

About Cheryl Mostowski

Cheryl is a STOTT Pilates instructor who specialized in core rehabilitation for chronic back pain. As she saw more clients with diastasis and dysfunctional cores she realized many Pilates moves hurt the healing process rather than help it, so she studied the true anatomy of our core and learned how to strengthen and integrate it properly into alignment and life. She also began to see the correlation between abdominal and pelvic floor weakness and found that though incontinence is common it is not normal. She then trained to teach Total Control© with the Women’s Health Foundation in Chicago, specializing in pelvic health, which also led her to focus on prenatal and postpartum women. Once The Tummy Team began offering professional education Cheryl knew its methods and approach were in line with her philosophy and passions. Proud to be a Tummy Team Trained™ Practitioner, Cheryl passionately works to educate her clients on how their bodies are intricately designed and how to find, strengthen, and properly integrate their deepest core muscles into the functional activities of life.