/ January 15, 2017

45 Ways The Tummy Team Changed My Life

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This month, I turned 45. I have lived 45 years of life. Some of those years were great, some were hard. But all of them put together is what got me where I am today.

My journey to healing and restoration – both physically and emotionally – is completely woven together with my journey to start The Tummy Team. When I first learned of my diagnosis of diastasis recti and the bleak options for fixing it, my goal was to find some way to heal myself. But I quickly learned that this journey was far more than just for my own personal healing.

My physical therapy background provided a unique understanding of neuro-muscular rehab and functional integration. And being a busy mom of 3, it was too easy to put my needs on the back burner. My journey to healing forced me to look at ways to put my needs on the list while taking care of my family. And that is where The Tummy Team began.

Reflecting on all of this gave me an idea to celebrate my birthday. You see we always do a birthday sale at The Tummy Team but I wanted to do more to commemorate 45 years. So I decided to list 45 Ways the journey to forming The Tummy Team has changed my life. I hope these inspire you to consider how restoring your core with us can be the start of living your best life too.

1.) I can live my life without pain. (I can’t believe I used to think pain was normal!)

2.) I was able to avoid abdominal surgery. (which is usually the only suggestion for diastasis recti).

3.) I have a better understanding of how my body was designed.

4.) I learned how to reclaim my body in the midst of motherhood.

5.) It changed my perspective on how I am a role model for my girls.

6.) I no longer wet my pants when I cough, sneeze or jump (can I get a hallelujah?!)

7.) I was able to return to competitive swimming (and am stronger than ever!)

8.) I have the strength to sit on the bleachers through an entire football game without back pain (we are big fans of our local Friday night football). 

9.) I have a new vision for what postpartum healthcare should look like.

10.) I have a new passion to help moms have a better journey through motherhood.

11.) I am motivated to remind women that they are WORTH IT! (Hey, in case you haven’t been told yet, you are worth investing in.)

12.) I have a new inspiration to speak BOLDLY and realize no subject is too sensitive if it helps bring healing to others.

13.) I have the courage to try new things now that my weakness isn’t holding me back.

14.) I have a new realization of what real STRENGTH looks like.

15.) It has inspired me to change the journey for others.

16.) I have a new understanding of the true function of the abdominals

17.) I learned that intimacy CAN be restored after having kids.

18.) A new freedom to be real about my body.

19.) I have become empowered me to reach out to the childbirth community.

20.) I have embraced the role of providing accurate information (not just about diastasis recti, but core strength)

21.) A new perspective on how I am a role model for my son.

22.) I found healing and restoration from the pain of miscarriage and infertility.

23.) I have abandoned the “No pain, No gain” mentality.

24.) I have embraced the role of leadership I was put in when wanting to reach women lead to opening a business.

25.) I am motivated to change the way we help prenatal women to make postpartum recovery better.

26.) I am an advocate for better information on diastasis recti (there is a LOT of misinformation out there). 

27.) I have developed amazing professional relationships with chiropractors (this is a big deal for PT’s and Chiropractors). 

28.)  I now understand why all those crunches did not work.

29.) I am passionate about changing the pressure for women to conform to a specific body image.

30.) I am emboldened to stand up for all women.

31.) I have the opportunity to work with abdominal surgeons for better pre-op and recovery options.

32.) I have discovered my own voice.

33.) I have built amazing new relationships with women because of my business.

34.) The opportunity to partner with Primed Childbirth Prep to bring excellent childbirth ed to our clients.

35.) I have had the opportunity to change the face of core fitness worldwide by partnering with Fit2b studios.

36.) I have persisted in my heart to keep God in my business.

37.) I understand the importance of community for healing women.

38.) I took the risk to challenge the role of traditional physical therapy.

39.) I feel motivated to use the power of hope in the face of despair.

40.) Sometimes you need to just make what you need.

41.) Doing what I do opened up a women’s ministry that I love.

42.) I have conquered the identity of brokenness.

43.) I have learned to embrace my birth story and to help others do so.

44.) I have developed an incredible level of compassion for the hurting.

45.) I am more confident because I feel strong and connected.


How has The Tummy Team impacted your life? Leave a comment below!

If you need core rehabilitation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to work with you to get the healing you need so you can live your best life.