/ April 15, 2022

21 Days of Core Connection

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21 Days of Core Connection

Daily Tools to Expand Your Capacity to Be the Mom You Were Meant to Be

Are you feeling maxed out, burnt out or worn out and ready for a change? 

Tired of being pushed beyond your capacity but at the same time tired of having such limited capacity to do what you love?

Join The Tummy Team for 21 Days of Core Connection: April 18th – May 9th

We believe in honoring what your body and mind has accomplished WHILE creating a healthy space to reclaim our strength, energy and capacity. 

We all know that motherhood is physically, emotionally and mentally challenging from the newborn stage well beyond the transition into parents of teens and young adults.  We only have so much capacity for the demands expected of us every day and in every season.  So how do we optimize the capacity?  

First we need to fully understand the concept of capacity and see the role that being connected to your core plays in this concept. 

Capacity is defined both as:

  • the maximum amount that something can contain;
  • and the ability or power to do, experience, or produce something.

Every season, and often every day, we have a different level of capacity. Our capacity can be dependent on the amount of sleep we get, the amount of stress in our life, the pain we may be feeling, our overall health, muscle weakness, our daily mental health and so much more. 

As mothers, some seasons are filled with physical or emotional needs of our children that push us beyond our comfortable and manageable capacity. In these seasons, we need simple strategies to support and reinforce our capacity for those demands. Other seasons we are ready for a bit more (a bit more flexibility, a bit more strength, a bit more energy), and we need intentional tools to lovingly expand our capacity.  

The Tummy Team is passionate about providing meaningful everyday strategies to first help you understand and connect to your body at the core, so you can then respect your current capacity and maximize that capacity so you can be the best mom you can be in every season. 

This is not about powering through fatigue or ignoring pain. This is not about forcing another workout or participating in a challenge. This is about connection at its core. Knowing yourself.  Honoring what you do every day by doing it well and finding the tools that support you. 

The next 21 days will give you daily strategies to slow down when needed, and provide tools to recharge and flourish.  Some tools will be new postures to implement into your day, some will be simple stretches or connection exercises to balance your body, and other strategies will be meaningful ways to build real life strength to heal and thrive.   

We want you to be impacted by these 21 Days of Core Connection so we will ask you to participate, we will give you daily incentives, encouragement and hopefully a brand new perspective.  

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Ready for MORE? The Tummy Team has over 13 comprehensive online courses to help you connect, rehab, and build strength. 

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