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Nothing makes us prouder than being
part of our clients’ healing journeys.
Their stories of transformation guide
our work and inspire others on a
similar path.

Here are their stories.

We are blessed to work with amazing women and men and have a hand in changing their bodies and their lives. Our clients are as passionate about their transformations as we are, and many have shared their praise. Note: Some names have been changed for confidentiality.

If you are a current or past client of The Tummy Team and would like to share your journey, please send your story to info@thetummyteam.com and include “My Story” in the subject line. Thank you!


Core Foundations has given me my life back by teaching me how to put myself back together after two pregnancies. I am stronger than ever and able to take care of my family. I can’t thank Kelly enough for the amazing program she has put together; the incredible amount of information and practical application available here is life-changing.
— Catie, Mom of 2, Age 27

I loved Core Foundations! My tummy got smaller, my back pain mostly disappeared, I’m stronger, and I feel much better. Thank you again for this miracle of yours. You changed my life. Even my doctor noticed and wants to buy the program for herself.
— Hanji, Mom of 2 from Romania

The prenatal core training program made all the difference in the world in my third pregnancy. I only wish I knew this information with my first two.
— Kate

Core Integrations is the perfect complement to Core Foundations. I love the flexibility and variety of topics covered. I feel better equipped and more motivated to keep going on my healing journey!”
— Julie, online client

Our Skype call put all I had learned into perspective. I am more encouraged about what I have gained and less concerned about where I want to be, just taking little specific steps to get there most days. Thanks for believing in the women and bringing your profession to serve so many in such a winsome way!”
— Mom of 3, Skype client

At 78 years old, I thought there was no hope for my prolapse and urinary leakage issues. I was shocked to see such a huge improvement following the core rehab and posture changes that I learned through The Tummy Team. Grateful beyond words for this training.
— Margret, Mom of 5, Age 78

I have struggled with low back pain since my 20s. After core rehab, I was back to playing basketball with my teenage boys. I tell everyone I can about The Tummy Team!
— Allen, Age 46

I tried CrossFit®, Insanity® videos, Pilates, boot camps, and every form of core work I could find and my belly still looked pregnant. Then my friend told me about The Tummy Team. I was super-skeptical, but it worked! I am stronger than ever without crunches!
— Jen

I’ve struggled since the birth of my second child with back pain, incontinence, and generally wanting a flatter tummy. I went through the Tummy Team program, and within two weeks I no longer had back pain and could jump on the trampoline without having an “accident.” By the end of the program, I could actually see my toes when I looked straight down! These are things I never thought would ever be possible. The exercises are easy to incorporate into my daily routine, and I love the fact that I feel like I have my body back. Kelly’s enthusiasm and passion for what she teaches is contagious! I never knew I could get rid of my tummy without doing hundreds of sit-ups or having plastic surgery. The program is amazing. I am recommending it to everyone!
— Marnee, mom of 2

I am 64 and have exercised and worked on staying fit, but could never get my belly flat. I have suffered from back pain for a long time. This program is so exciting. After my first session with Kelly, I felt so much stronger. By the second day of doing the exercises, I could no longer feel my back pain. I can actually see my middle changing every day. I wish I knew about this sooner. I wish everyone knew about it. The transverse abdominal muscle is so important, and most of us do not even know it exists. I cannot wait to see my final results!
— Zack, dad of 4, grandpa of 5

I attended a Tummy Team workshop after my second child was born and it was the best thing I’ve done for myself in years! Here’s my story:

I am a 31-year-old physician and a mother of three. I have always been an athlete. I prided myself on being athletic despite being pregnant, breastfeeding, or having young children, and I’ve considered core strength to be foundational for balance, strength, and energy. After my second child was born, I had a deep diastasis with weakened abdominal muscles, and it affected every aspect of my athletics. I worked really hard to get my tummy back “in shape,” but the yoga, Pilates, crunches, etc., didn’t help at all. I was frustrated, discouraged, and lacking self-confidence when I heard of the Tummy Team program. I wanted a third child, but I was afraid of ruining my body. (You give up so much for motherhood, but I didn’t want to sacrifice everything!)

I’ll be honest that I was pretty skeptical after the first Tummy Team session — the program was so simple, I wasn’t sure it would work for me. But I gave it a shot, and I was thrilled with the results. I regained my core strength back and remembered how to use my body safely. I was shocked how quickly I was back to a quality workout routine (with small modifications for my healing tummy).

My third child was born about a year after I started the Tummy Team program (she’s 4 months old now), and the recovery after having that third baby was so much easier than it had been after the first two (although the labor and delivery hadn’t been much different, and I’d actually been less active during my last pregnancy). I know that the difference in recovery was because of the lessons I’d learned from The Tummy Team. I have incorporated subtle changes into my everyday life to be able to stay strong, healthy, and active. I am so grateful for The Tummy Team, and I strongly recommend anyone who is battling their core muscles to sign up for a session — it is simple, easy to do, and best of all, it works! Your tummy will thank you!!
— Maria, physician, mother of 3

I have seen countless chiropractors, doctors, and physical therapists for my back pain after a car accident. No one spent as much focused time strengthening my “core” as I experienced in this program. I am amazed at the difference not only in my waist (which shrunk by three inches in six weeks), but also by the dramatic improvement I have felt in my low back pain. I feel strong and empowered to exercise and stay active without constant risk of injury. Thank you, Tummy Team.
— Katie, mom of 5

The Tummy Team works! It truly does! Before doing the Tummy Team: I was 33, my third daughter was 2 years old, and I still looked quite pregnant. Not because I was overweight, but because I had no muscle tone in my stomach. I had had enough! Even more important than how I looked was how awful I felt! My back constantly ached. I had to see the chiropractor regularly because my spine and ribs kept popping out of place. My formerly “regular” bowels were sluggish and causing constipation (and further strain on the hemorrhoids I had developed during my second pregnancy). My posture was horrible and looked really sloppy. Overall, I just felt unhealthy and unattractive! My husband and I were planning to conceive our fourth child soon, but I really wanted to get my core strong BEFORE I had another baby stretch my tummy out again. I wanted to feel stronger during this next pregnancy, not to mention push more effectively. I also knew doing The Tummy Team before pregnancy would help me get my core strength back quicker after pregnancy. During The Tummy Team: I love Kelly! She is such a likable gal, and so very knowledgeable. She was super-encouraging and helped me to progress in my core strength, but without being bossy or harsh. The educational videos were excellent. I did The Tummy Team with a group of gals, and ALL of us had incredible results. We are talking diastasis closed, bowel control, urinary control, posture and spinal problems remedied or greatly lessened! Most of the gals even lost several inches off our waistlines! I would highly recommend doing your Tummy Team rehabilitation with or at the same time as another person. We all communicated via a Facebook group during our six weeks, and it was incredibly helpful to have encouragement and accountability from others “in the same boat.” After The Tummy Team: Talk about results! I went from having a separation of 3 to 3.5 and medium-deep down my tummy, to being 1 to 1.5 and shallow! (One is closed, so I only had a half-of-a-finger width separation left!) My posture was great and I felt so much more confident about myself. My back problems virtually went away, and my bowel issues greatly improved. And, as an added bonus, I lost 4″ off my waistline…without losing a single pound! So, as you can see, I am a huge believer in The Tummy Team. I have literally recommended it to dozens of people! Update as of six months later: I am currently five months pregnant with baby girl No. 4 (yay!), and have felt so much stronger during this pregnancy! I truly believe that my knowledge of my core will greatly help with pushing this little girl out efficiently. And after this little one is born, I can’t wait to use my belly splint and my core-strengthening exercises to get my core health back! The Tummy Team is truly a gift that keeps on giving throughout a lifetime. Still so grateful for Kelly and The Tummy Team!
— Julie, mother of 3 and 1 on the way!

I am 35 years old and the mother of a 4-, 6- and 8-year-old. After the birth of my last child, I noticed that my stomach had a noticeable gap in the middle, and I was unable to do crunches comfortably. I worked hard to get them to flatten out, but nothing worked. I did some research and realized I had a significant diastasis recti. I also read that the only way to fix this was to have a tummy tuck and have it repaired. So, I went to see a surgeon and was told the same thing. At the time, my youngest was only about a year old and I wasn’t willing to go through the recovery process with three young children. So, I decided to put it off. In the meantime, I took up running as my new exercise regimen and worked hard to train for a marathon. I completed my first one, but when training for my second one, I experienced knee pain that stopped me from running. One visit to the physical therapist and I was told the pain was from bad posture. No surprise to me, as I had a super-weak core from my diastasis. But I was still told that surgery was the only way to fix the root of my problems.

About a year later, I was training for a triathlon (less running) and I came across an article about The Tummy Team! I called Kelly immediately and said sign me up! It was almost too good to be true.

After the first class, I found out I had a 6.5-finger diastasis and a 30-inch waist. Three weeks later and I had closed it to a 3-finger diastasis and had a 28-inch waist. My bellybutton even went back to normal! The results were amazing. I ended the class at six weeks with a 2-finger diastasis and a 27-inch waist…I lost 2 inches off my waist!

I am still working on closing it up completely, but I feel and look totally different! Everyone around me has noticed my flat stomach and my smaller waist. I am so excited to share this information with everyone. My husband loves the new me, and so do I! Thank you Kelly for all you do!
— Kiersten, mother of 3

This program has changed my life! I spent hundreds of dollars on personal training sessions that were effective at toning my arms, legs, and back. But no matter how many planks, crunches, or abdominal exercises I did, it NEVER seemed to flatten my post-baby belly. Finally, someone gets it! Thanks, Kelly!
— Gina, mom of 2-year-old twins

Kelly Dean’s Tummy Team class has provided me with life-changing information, positive encouragement along my personal journey, and a renewed motivation to strengthen my core. The techniques she teaches are easily incorporated into your daily activities. There is not a huge investment of time, and this is the key to making this a life change. The educational component ties it all together; it’s more about learning how to correctly use your muscles so that they are working for you, and once I understood the bigger picture, I could notice fast and lasting changes in my core. I would highly recommend this class and wish that I had known about this sooner, especially before and during my pregnancies. I also believe in the affordability of this class; it’s hard to put a price on learning how to make life-altering, positive changes to your body! Kelly was a wonderful wealth of information and was always available to help guide me along my journey. For me, this journey will take more time as my body has been slower to respond, but I am confident that I will get there. The more you put into this class and the techniques you learn, the more you will get out of it. I am very thankful for the information that I have learned and I am excited to reach my goals. Thank Kelly for providing me with such a wonderful, educational experience that is strengthening me daily!
— Courtney, mom of 3

Kelly teaches with great attention to detail and encourages and supports you every step of the way. The class is fun, and I love how she helps us use our abs correctly in everyday activities.
— Doug, dad of 2

Finally, I am feeling some relief from my low-back pain. I have strength that I have not had in years, and I actually have lost inches off my waist after all these years!
— Martha, mom of 2, grandma of 5


Medical References

I have taken Kelly’s classes myself and am impressed with the depth of knowledge she has regarding the core muscles, how they change in pregnancy and the postpartum, and how weakness in the core affects everyday life. She is an effective educator in the face-to-face setting and in the classroom, and she uses technology to keep her clients motivated and informed between classes through the use of videos and emails. But the most impressive feedback comes from my clients! Time after time, my clients tell me how Kelly helped them to get rid of their back pain, hip pain, stress incontinence, prolapse… the results speak for themselves. Kelly has quickly become the go-to person for our practice whenever a client has a structural issue that needs attention.
— Wendy Gordon, CPM, KDM, MPH, Vivante Midwifery

I have been referring my clients to Kelly for over two years. I consistently receive positive feedback regarding her level of professionalism and the depth of her education for women struggling with diastasis related pain. Kelly’s program of teaching clients how to retrain their core and pelvic floor muscles in ways that can be practiced easily at home leads to lasting results, which impresses me and my colleagues immensely.
— Sarah Hainley, CPM, LDM, LM, Vivante Midwifery

I took Kelly Dean’s class in the fall of 2011. The class consisted of three lectures describing the anatomy of the core muscles of the trunk, the diastasis of the rectus abdominus muscle, and detailed instruction and demonstration of appropriate exercises to rehabilitate diastases. Ms. Dean assessed for diastasis, took abdominal measurements, and provided an appropriate splint to each class member at the first class, and reassessed and took new measurements at the last class to determine progress made through the course.

I made such significant progress in the six weeks that I worked with Kelly, and was so impressed with her capabilities as an educator and therapist, that I have since referred numerous patients and organizations to her. I personally noted that not only did I cosmetically look much better with a healed diastasis, but that my digestion and elimination was much improved. I therefore refer patients not just for postpartum evaluation, but those patients with chronic constipation issues, which are not fully responding to dietary and lifestyle interventions as well. I highly recommend Kelly Dean’s Tummy Team to my patients, colleagues, students, and friends.
— Padeen Quinn, ND

Kelly Dean is the local expert on diastasis prevention and rehabilitation in the Portland Metro Area and Greater Vancouver Area. She is the resource we refer to work with our families. She has come and presented at staff meetings to help educate our staff at Legacy Health. We have been waiting for an education opportunity like Kelly is getting ready to offer with this conference on “The Importance of Core Strength for the Prenatal and Postnatal Client.”
— Lisa D. Johnson, MA, BS, IBCLC, LCCE, Legacy Health Pregnancy & Parenting Education Supervisor

I have worked with Kelly Dean for the past two years. The transformation I see our clients go through is nothing short of amazing! Kelly’s style of teaching for each of her patients is by listening to their past history and loving them throughout the process.

She is able to teach the body mechanics needed for healing diastasis recti, core rehabilitation, and just plan daily living. New families learn about how to sit while feeding their new babies, how to push a stroller, and other real moments we face each day.

I have met women who feel like their bodies are failing them. It affects every aspect of their lives and hinders how they play with their children. When they bring up these concerns to their OB or primary care provider, they are sometimes told there is nothing they can do. But there is a way to heal and become strong!

This information needs to be accessible to everyone. The most effective way is to first reach out to the care providers in our community; they are healers and the organizers of care. Kelly Dean is a natural teacher and the continuing education that she is offering will provide the first step to making core rehabilitation accessible.
— Erica Matteson, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA), LCCE, Owner/Doula/Childbirth Educator Renaissance Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals

As a physician and a client, I strongly recommend the core rehabilitation that Kelly Dean offers through The Tummy Team. Ms. Dean is an exceptionally trained and knowledgeable educator as a physical therapist. Her approach is unique and leads to great success in correcting diastasis recti without surgery. I learned a great deal about the anatomy of the abdominal muscles in a way that I previously did not consider nor did I adequately understand. It has helped me personally, but most importantly in my medical practice as I treat many patients with symptoms that are directly related to diastasis recti, such as incontinence, low-back pain, poor core strength, etc. I refer many patients to her for rehab and get tremendous feedback on their great success and reduction in symptoms.
— Kelley R Reis, Naturopathic Physician, The Natural Medicine Center, Hillsboro, OR

Online Program Reviews

Often clients cannot help but share their experiences with The Tummy Team.  Every story is an opportunity for another person to connect, begin to hope and understand how The Tummy Team can help them.  Below are specific reviews of our On-line Programs.  Some are short and some are from blogs that have several posts that follow them through their core rehabilitation and/or prenatal core training programs.

Reviews for Core Foundations 8 week On-line Program:

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 A Review by Online Client~ Tanya, mother of 1

….I didn’t recognize myself. I felt embarrassed to wear anything that showed my belly, and shopped for some new “boxy” shirts that would better hide my new 5-month-pregnant-looking form and protruding belly button. I didn’t like anybody touching my belly because it felt like a bowl of pudding, and I would avoid looking down when it stuck out while I was nursing. I hated my belly. It had let me down and it wasn’t responding to all my efforts to whip it into shape. And it frustrated me endlessly that no amount of healthy eating or exercise seemed to make a difference.

I felt defeated. After all, I had been to a women’s rehab specialist, and they had not been able to help me! Where else could I turn for help?…read more here

A Review by Online Client ~ Katie, mother of three children

“Before starting the tummy team, I knew I had a Diastasis but did not know if it was possible to heal this condition, and did not fully understand how this condition was affecting many aspects of my health.  After each of my three children were born, I found myself gradually back at a healthy weight where I did not want to lose any more weight, but with a protruding tummy.  I appeared to have excess belly fat, and I often thought this was just part of having babies.  My tummy protruded more than ever after my third child, and even at a healthy weight, I found I only fit into my stretch pants comfortably.  I went to a postpartum P.T. in town who specializes in losing the “pooch” who tried to help me, but had me doing some crunch exercises that were making matters worse…. Read more here

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We are passionate about each persons story. We have even more stories at The Tummy Talk Blog.  The journey to healing your core is often much more than you anticipated.  The Tummy Team really loves helping people heal, restore their core and reclaim their true selves.  We would love to help you. You can start today by signing up for one of our Online Core Training Programs or call our office to schedule to work with us in person.  360-952-CORE.